Schulte table game

A Schulte table* is a grid with randomly distributed numbers or letters used for development of speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception.
The difficulty of the game is gradually increasing with the grid size.

At the beginning find center point and try to read whole table using peripheral vision. Then click the numbers/letters in proper order.

Schulte table offer size of table from 3x3 to 7x7 with variation 3x5, 3x7 (full version up to 11x11)
Game mode:
- Time - find all numbers or letter in proper order as quick as possible.
- Training - start from size 1x1 and with each tap, table size increase up to max game size. Newly added cells are highlighted to allow better concentration on border of the table.
Training type - numeric or letters

Various color schemes

  • Default
  • Color text
  • Color background
  • Color text & background
  • Inverse

The center point could be highlighted, to help you to stay in the center of table. It is also possible to automaticaly set first letter to be in the middle of the screen and provide sound, vibration response.

Schulte table also offer for "time" game mode, detail statistics of your improvement in various area.

  • Work efficiency
  • Work warming-up
  • Psychological stability

Positive effects of regular training include improvement in

  • Development of speed reading
  • Attention stability
  • Peripheral vision
  • Stability of vision
  • Discernment
  • Speed up of the development of mental perception
  • Directed search capabilities
  • Visual directional speed search movement.

If you are practicing speed reading, this program helps you. The longer you practice, the shorter time needed to read the whole table.
You achieve best improvement of your reading skill on daily base usage. Just try it you will see.

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